On this first post of the blog, we welcome you writing about the measurements of padel courts which are required by the rules of the International Federation of Padel. As specialists in a global level in the construction and design of padel courts, we comply with the technical specifications fulfilling with the existing guidelines.


Pista de Pádel GIM PAR


IN THE NAME OF THE PADEL. The padel court, our meeting point.

Because, to us, it is something more than padel, below we are writing about some of the different aspects to take into account, according to the reglas del padel, in the construction of a padel court.


Dimensions of a padel court

The game zone is a rectangle 10 meters wide and 20 meters long (internal measurements) with a tolerance of 0,5%. This rectangle is divided by its half for a net. In both sides of the net, parallels and with a distance of 6.95 meters, they are the service lines.

The space between the net and the service lines is divided by its half by a perpendicular to these, the baseline, dividing the área in 2 equal zones.

The central baseline is 20 centimeters beyond the baseline. The two halves of the tennis court must be symmetrical regarding surfaces and lines drawing.

The lines must be 5 meters wide and the color, black or white, in contrast to the ground.

The minimum vertical clearance will be 6 meters in all the surface and cannot be hindered by any factor, such us floodlights. For new constructions, we suggest 8 meters of mínimum vertical clearance.


The net

It has a length of 10 meters with a height of 0.88 on its middle, rising on its extremes until 0.92 meters (máximum) with a tolerance of 0.005 meters. It is suspended from a metal wire with a máximum diameter of 0,01 meters and the extremes are joined to two posts which are 1.05 meters high or to the own structure which holds it and tightens it. The net ends at the top with a band (white background) between 5 and 6.3 centimeters wide. Additionally , it could be placed an additional band with publicity on it (no more than 9 centimeters wide).


The enclosure

The court must be closed completely, 10 meters of internal length by its bottom and 20 meters internal length by it laterals.


The bottoms of the court

 The total length of the enclosure is 4 meters high, and the 3 first meters can be made of any transparent or opaque material, fulfilling with the requirements which are indicated for the laterals of the walls and the last meter is made of wire mesh.


The laterals

 There are two variants, according to the padel rules:

  • Variant 1: Wall graduated zones (both sides), three meters high and two meters long the first rung and two meters high and two meters long the second rung. The wire mesh zones complement the enclosure and they are until 3 meters high on the 16 central meters and until 4 meters high on the 2 meter of the extremes.

  • Variant 2: same first characteristics of the previous variant but, on this case, the wire mesh zones are until 4 meters high in the length on the enclosure.

For the glass padel courts, we must fulfil the existing rules relating to the tempered glass: European Union: EN12150-1. There are many types of mesh and every one comply with different specifications: wire mesh, electrowelded mesh and simple torsion mesh./span>


The ground of the courts

It can be porous be made of concrete, wood, cement, synthetic materials, astroturf or another material on which the ball have a regular jump. The color must be one (uniform) and it must be different from the color of the Wall. The black color is just posible for indoor installations.


Security zone and outdoor game

 Every lateral of the padel court must have two access openings, without physical obstacles which obstruct the exit. The openings will be protected on its three sides with a product which absorbes the impacts.


The illumination of the padel court

 The artificial lighting will be uniform and it does not make difficult the vision of the players, referees and spectators, the perfect one is the LED lighting. It fulfil the European Normative EN 12193 “Lighting of sporting facilities” with different mínimum levels of lighting.



 It is recommended that the longitudinal axis of the court (outdoor installations) is N-S, accepting a variation between N-NE and N-NO.


These are just some of the padel rules which are related to the characteristics which are specified by the International Padel Federation, exiting other aspects which we do not have include. In relation to the construction prices between one court and another will vary depending on the manufacture materials.

If you need to construct a padel court, we can offer you the best solutions tailored to their needs.